Well, what can I say. This is my skin and Im comfortable in it. Well most of the time.!!!

Max my beautiful grandson

Max my beautiful grandson

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ureka !!!

Ureka, I found it . I have been looking for the source of my most recent technique used for making cards. It was from the tvweekly website . It is in the archives under paper trail. I have adapted it to make these little note cards and it was a lot of fun. My dear friend Sonya who i had a lovely lunch and afternoon with today must have thought I had gone bonkers as I just couldnt remember where I had sourced this from. A senior moment of which I have many these days !!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hi there, Well George arrived home from his North Island trip well and happy. He had lots to report but his 42cm trevally and 2nd biggest snapper seemed to be the highlight, oh and his Kawhai that gave him a fight, the swims in the sea each day , the food, the 40km mountain bike ride etc etc etc.
Jenny is home now from Dunedin for the holidays. She hated her exams but we are all hoping for the best. What will be will be. She is helping her Dad out with odd jobs and farm work.
Rachel is coming home this week to work at the penguin colony. She would rather stay put but with no work was proving too difficult.

we went to see the local show, Oklahoma last night in our newly refurbished Opera house. It was a great night with some great talent.
Well I took an old decorated box apart yesterday that had faded and lost its appeal with the intention to do something dynamic with it so watch this space.
Until next time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hi there, well I didnt too well on the starting again stakes did I . Sonya asked for a photo of the card I made but unfortunately I didnt take a photo and it was for my neice. I will upload some of my past efforts though just so Im not seen to be making all this art stuff up . I really did used to do some. I have been playing around with a new technique this week that I found on www. It is using pastels and gridding and I have adapted it to make cards as they have made a book. Anyway cant show you that either because George has the camera in the coromandel. He is away with his outdoor education class for the week. I am looking forward to scrapping some great photos !!! I soooo hope he remembers to take some especially tomorrow when he goes out after snapper!! . xxxxx

Friday, October 17, 2008

Here I go again.!!!!

Well, it has been a year since my last posting as my friend Sonya pointed out over coffee today so thought I would at least show up . Gee what does one say after a year of being in hiding. It has been a busy one really with family comings and goings. George has settled into high school and seems to be enjoying it so far and the girls are getting on with their studies in Dunedin. My mum hasnt been too well this year and unfortunately has joined many others in the fight against cancer so life has changed dramatically for both Mum and Dad and of course me for the time being. I am looking forward to life getting back to some normality some time soon. Mum is responding well to chemo so it will be great for her to get her independence back .

I made a card today and it wasnt too bad so hope to get back into doing some more scrapping stuff soon. Oh well will go now and hope to be back to update things real soon. XXXXX

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

mission Accomplished Almost

Well, puzzle pieces designed and completed bar some drying and tying. It was fun but not for me so hoping Sonya likes them. Other than that I started a baby card for Nadia and Tom and little Isla and have done a lot of overthinking cos Im good at that. Turned down a trip to Dunedin with Sonya, Andy and Aimee but felt like I was with Sonya all day doing her puzzle pieces so didnt feel I missed out really. I would have just bought something I dont need or worse still and more likely would never use or even look at again. And Guess what, I have not made the bed but am thinking about getting on to it shortly.

Im puzzled !!

I have spent the night on the latest glamour girls swap which is an altered puzzle piece. The theme is to showcase the place we live. I have been out with my camera and got some great photos but nothing seems to have really inspired me so far. No doubt as per normal my best ideas will start flowing when I am supposed to be sleeping!! I find the whole craft thing quite puzzling really sometimes . Oh well must go so I can lie awake all night thinking about my puzzle piece.!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hunting they have gone

Well it all started off reasonably normal this morning although did have cam here,Georges friend (Sonya and Andys son) and he was up watching tv while George continued to sleep oblivious to his role as host!!! Next thing my boys were joining Cam and big Bro Cody on a hunting trip. Gee it was all go, gear everywhere, several different searches going on for all sorts of things. The enthusiasm was incredible. I secretly wished this enthusiasm could be there when I needed to get something done or wanted to go somewhere! Nevermind ,was nice to see them happy. Well, fridge empty they set off even though it was freezing outside and snow was to low levels. Oh to be a bloke eh. On the Robyn note however life was not all lonely and miserable. What can I say, blog, blog, blog, craft time galore, no worries with making the bed. Eat when i want, sleep if I have time. I love it when the boys are able to get away, its so good for them !!!!!


George and his very best mate, the bike.

George in his travel uniform ready to go to Invercargill for the interschool with the debating team

George in his travel uniform ready to go to Invercargill for the interschool with the debating team
George , our debater.